Well I'm rumbling in this JCB
I'm five years old and my Dad's a giant sitting beside me
And the engine rattles my bum like berserk
While we're singing ‘don't forget your shovel if you want to go to work'
And my dad's probably had a bloody hard day
But he's been good fun and bubbling and joking away
And the procession of cars stuck behind
Are getting all impatient and angry but we don't mind

And we're holding up the bypass, oh
Me and my dad having a top laugh, oh whoa
I'm sitting on a tool box, oh
And I'm so glad I'm not in school boss
So glad I'm not in school
Oh no

And we pull over to let the cars pass
And pull off again speeding by the summer green grass
An we're like giants up here in our big yellow digger
Like zoids or transformers or maybe even bigger
And I wanna transform into a Tyrannosaurus Rex
An eat up all the bullies and the teachers and their pets
And I'll tell all my mates my mates my dads B.A Baracus
Only with a JCB and Bruce Lee's nunchuckas





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